Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Mr Winthrop / Hot Time in the Sauna / Disturbing Dream

Mr Winthrop
Day 1 (cont)
Capt Burke
1859 Hours

Jane lowered herself into the hot, bubbling water to relax her aching muscles. Smitty gave me a workout tonight. Not great form, but he's got stamina, I'll give him that.
Someone bumped against her leg. She ignored the newcomer until a hand started traveling up her leg. She opened her eyes to see Winthrop grinning. "Captain," he greeted her. "If you really want a workout, maybe you should try a security man, instead of engineering."
I should have transferred him off a long time ago. "It's a sport for us, not a profession." She sat up and scooted away from him to adjust the water jets, settled back down removed from him.
"Maybe we could try one of my sports." He looked ready to slide after her.
"Are you sure she's here?" someone asked as a herd of men entered the whirlpool area.
"She wanted a hot bath. This is as hot a bath as she can get aboard," Ferguson said.
"Excuse me, bosses," stated a copper bunch of muscles as he settled into the water between her and Winthrop.
It's ... exciting to have Tall Bear in the water next to me. He’s risking angering Winthrop. Well, Winthrop was angering me. Thankfully, Bear doesn’t get fresh, not with me. Pity. Stop it, Jane. Shore leave isn’t far away.

Hot Time in the Sauna
Day 1 (cont)
Lt Cmdr Smythe
1902 Hours

Smitty reclined on the top shelf of the dimly-lit sauna and let the heat seep into his taxed muscles. Captain gives as good as she takes. Maybe better. I couldn’t concentrate tonight. I'm lucky I didn't break something. I should just concede she knows karate better than I do.
Someone entered. He ignored them, hoped they would do the same. A moment later, he heard a low moan and tried not to frown. Lovers. Not exactly private in here. Can’t realize I'm here; must be too caught up with each other to notice me.
"Oh, I hurt!" He involuntarily peeked. MacDowell! And Bugalu, I suppose. No, the skin's not dark enough. He focused his gaze, and found the second person to be a tall dusky woman with long black braids. Copper hands pushed red hair aside, kneaded the white shoulders and back that sat between her dusky legs. "That doctor was right, I should have taken it easy. It's just- It's been so long! And it felt so-o-o good!"
Okay, so she's been with Bugalu. What's it to me? Nothing. It can’t be anything to me. He closed his eyes and tried to concentrate on relaxing, on letting the heat soak his aching muscles. Of course it felt good with him; I've never heard one of his dates complain yet. But then, I've never heard of one of this dates going off to be with someone else immediately after, either. None of my business. People swing both ways, sometimes.
He stayed where he was, eyes closed, barely daring to breath, unwilling to impose himself on the two women at such an intimate moment. The time came when he would have normally gotten up and left because the heat had become unbearable, but he stayed where he was. How long are they going to be here? Finally, when he thought his lungs might sear from the heat, he heard a soft slap of skin against skin.
"Thanks for the rub-down, YD," he heard Colleen say. "I'm ready for something cold to drink, want to join me?"
Yes! A stiff drink, over rocks. Lots of them!
"Water," was what the other woman said.
"Well, of course water," the redhead said, standing up. "I'm not stupid. I think I've sweated out about a gallon this evening. Come on, I'm buying. Maybe we'll run into your beefcake brave, and you can pick up where you left off." They left, the opening of the door producing a momentary cooling of the room.
Smitty sighed and sat up, realized his muscles were tense, but in a way that had nothing to do with his earlier karate practice bout with Burke. If this had been a more private a place ... no, no, one of them is my subordinate, and the other-- Who was the other one? I don't remember seeing her before. Pretty enough, though.

Disturbing Dream
Day 2
0228 Hours

Smitty wasn’t sure how long he had spent in the sauna, but he had almost reached that wonderful state where he was completely relaxed. Too relaxed to get up and leave. Shortly after that, he knew from experience, the heat would start to become uncomfortable, and he would then be able to find the energy to leave.
He wasn’t sure when the women had arrived in the sauna, only that he opened his eyes and they were there, on the bench across from him. Coppery hands kneaded white shoulders and then worked down the pale back. When those hands threatened to release the woman’s towel, the redhead turned to face her companion, pressed their bodies together as her towel fluttered to the floor. Dusky arms held her close as tan and strawberry lips met in a torrid kiss that ignited the air Smitty drew into his lungs.
Smythe jerked awake, found himself sitting straight up in bed with the sweat running down his body as if he were still in the sauna. Black space, why am I dreaming about them? If I’m going to a wet dream, there’s women aboard who are available to me. And plenty of women from the past I could remember fondly. What those two choose to do together is no concern of mine. I have to agree with the Captain, I’ll be blasted happy when shore leave gets here.

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