Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Truth Found

Truth Found

Day 4 (cont)


0827 Hours


MacGregor stared at the computer screen, but the words were blurred beyond reading. "Alright, what's next?"

"The next entry is her arrival to her first assignment, aboard the Thomas," Beth replied. "Just a straight-forward acknowledgement of her arrival as a technician. Did you want to dip into her Academy records?"

He stifled a yawn. "No, I think we've got enough, don't you?"

"I thought we had enough after just the past year."

"I needed to know how bad she's had it. Smitty's taken-" He stopped, not wanting to say anything that might be taken as negative about his fellow officer. Well, you don't have to convince anybody she's nearing a nervous breakdown."

Temple gave him a sharp look. "Is she?"

He indicated the screen and its numerous entries. "Don't know how she could not be. No wonder she was thrilled to arrive here, where she has someone to help her." He sighed. "I used to think Winthrop was the exception and I was fairly normal. From the looks of her record, Winthrop is normal, and I'm horribly undersexed."

The head nurse shuddered. "I refuse to believe Winthrop is 'normal'," she stated. "I'm not going to blame Mac for the hell she's been through, either, but let's face it - even you declared yourself to be in lust the moment you saw her."

A gorgeous redhead bounced into the sick bay lobby. "Okay, I've officially entered my rutting season," he stated quietly. He shook the memory off. "I've been trying to behave myself," he stated. "After seeing what other officers have put her through, I'll be trying even harder."

Temple smiled. "That's because you're a good man. One who is capable of seeing Mac as a person, and not just a sexy body."

She glided down the corridor, her long dress flowing, its swirling movements hinting erotically of the curves she had no hope of truly hiding. A bead of sweat rolled down his forehead, and that was just a memory of a daydream. "Let's hope so." It's a hell of a body. "Space, Bugalu's got his work cut out for him."

"To get her into his bed? Really, doctor-"

"To keep the men away from her!" he declared, and pointed to the screen. "To keep any more of that from happening! However she managed a transfer to the Fireball with this kind of a record, she came because she sees him as a brother."

The nurse sat back, her eyes round. "Wow."

"Exactly," he agreed. He tried to stifle another yawn. "Make a copy of that, would you, Beth? It must be late, why don't I buy you supper?"

"I'd rather have breakfast," she returned as she typed the computer its instructions.

Drake sat back and eyed the nurse speculatively. All this talk of men finding Mac irresistible - is she trying to remind me she's a woman, too? I don't need reminded. "Forgive me for being dense, but just what did you mean by that?"

She smiled. As if she knows exactly what's on my mind, and finds it amusing.

"I mean that it's morning, doctor. We've been here all night."

"What?" He turned to look at the clock. "You should have hit me over the head around midnight and told me enough was enough."

"I could have," she agreed. "But I was just as interested as you were." She handed him the disc with the file of discrepancies they had discovered, turned off the computer and stood. "Now what?"

He followed her out of the office. "Now I take you for that meal I promised you," he stated. "And then you take the day off. Monroe's here, and-" He stopped short at the sight of 2 nurses already in the nurse's station and turned to face Beth. "This is your day off, isn't it?"


"And you probably had plans last night, too."

"None of your business," she returned lightly. "As for that meal, can I have a rain check? I'm more in the mood for a hot shower and a long nap."

"Suit yourself. But I do owe you."

"What are you going to do with what we discovered?"

"That's what I get to decide today. It's gone on far too long. It has to be addressed, and the sooner, the better." He frowned at the floor. "I have to figure out how to do it without causing more pain for Mac. She's been through enough already."

Temple smiled. "Like I said, you're a good man." She waved to the on-duty nurses and left.

Hope I'm as good as she thinks I am.

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