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No G Swimming

No G Swimming

Day 4 (cont)


1930 Hours


MacGregor broke the surface of the water and continued into the air. When he touched the wall and turned, he saw Temple come in, followed by the tall dusky AmerInd. Beth, I owe you big for this one. You did even better than I asked. He kept waiting, but no one else entered. He swam through another water blob to reach the nurse's side. "Where's Mac?" he asked quietly.

"She's a heavy worlder. No G doesn't agree with her."

"Blast! I didn't think of that."

"If it's any consolation, she was looking forward to a quiet evening alone in her room."

"Well, we tried. Thanks, Beth." He glanced at the AmerInd. Maybe she'd like a quiet evening in my room. Blast, Bear's already moving in. His eyes moved to the toffee-colored woman doing the backstroke in a far corner. I've never gotten so much as a 'come hither' glance from Abdulla, but she's a good looking woman. Especially in that two-piece suit.

Abdulla braced herself against the wall, ready to return the other way. Seeing him, she paused and one eye slowly winked. That was a come-hither look if I ever saw one. Before he could move closer, though, Captain Burke approached the lieutenant. Jane! I thought the disadvantage of being able to swing both ways is that, as captain, she can't swing in either direction between furloughs.

YD and Tall Bear were using him as a turning point as they played tag. YD slid past him with hardly inches to spare. Bear didn't make the turn, but ran into the wall with a gentle, "Oops." He bounced slightly, floundered as he regained his equilibrium. "Hello, Mac."

MacGregor whirled, the gravity situation forgotten, had to grab Bear's arm to steady himself. She came! No, she's not here to swim. Beth was right. She's clinging to a handhold in desperation, and she's green. "Here to swim, Mac?"

"I need Abdulla," the redhead stated. "Is she here? I ... someone said-"

"Hey, Abbie!" Tall Bear called.

Abdulla, no longer talking with the captain, frowned. "Abdulla!" she corrected.

"Got your attention, didn't it? Mac's looking for you."

The woman swam to the redhead, stopped near the white fingers on the handhold. "That shirt's got to go," Abdulla decided. "It's a terrible color for you, and doesn't fit."

"Yeah, "Bear agreed. "Sounds good." He reached for the top button, but Mac's hand caught his in a painful grasp.

"Mac!" MacGregor put his hand over hers. "Let him go."

"They never listen to me," Mac complained, and shoved the brave's hand away.

"Sorry, Mac," Bear told her. "I was joking." He grimaced. "Didn't think."

Abdulla waved the security man off, and he faded away. "Mac, what's wrong?"

"No G," Mac growled, her eyes clamped shut. "I won't be here long," she promised herself. "I just need a question answered."

"Then ask so you can get out." Abdullah glanced over her shoulder as Smitty made a soft landing behind her, ready to start another lap.

Mac swallowed, still green. "When a quasar spews..." It sounds technical. It's caught Smitty's attention; like it's more advanced than he expected. Wait a minute. Why does she need a question answered? Wasn't she having a quiet night?

"Well, yes and no," Abdulla responded. "You haven't mentioned the configuration of the rest of the system, or any near-by systems."

"Near-by systems? How near?"

"There's formulas that use the configuration and proximity of other systems. Let me get dressed, and-"

"No," MacGregor interrupted. "Not tonight."

"Why not?" Mac asked.

"Take the night off," he told her. "Have some fun. If you still feel you need to study after shore leave, there'll be plenty of time then."

"Right," Abdulla agreed. "Save that for after shore leave. I was about to play tag with the doctor." She was? He grinned as the slim woman placed a cool hand on his shoulder. "You're it, doctor," she stated, and stroked toward the main water globe.

Mac, eyes still closed, gave a tiny nod and muttered, "I was a 3rd wheel last night, don't want to be one tonight." She adjusted her grip on the handhold. "I'll save my questions."

Meaning she'll still study. Drake frowned. Mac felt for the doorway with one hand. "Mac, why can't you just take the night off?"

"If she wants to study-" Smitty started.

Mac jerked, her eyes flew open as she whirled to face the engineer. In the process, she lost her grip on the handhold, started to float away.

"I said take it easy on her!" MacGregor growled and reached out to wrap an arm around her waist as an anchor. She batted his arm away. "She needs time off, not enforced study."

"There's nothing wrong with study," Smitty returned. "She's only been assigned to tugs before she came here. It's natural she needs to study. There's nothing wrong with that!"

"It can wait!" MacGregor returned hotly. "I don't want-"

A cry interrupted the argument. Drake turned to find Mac encased in a water globe, eyes round in panic. I tried to catch her. No, she has to touch me, or it's not acceptable. He reached in to offer his hand, grabbed a wall handhold with the other.

Mac grabbed the proffered hand with a painful grip. Drake could feel bruises form on his arm as she scrambled up it. At last, she found a handhold and slammed her back against the wall. Space, I never imagined her body was that good! Her wet clothes plastered to her form revealed every curve. Large breasts rose and fell as she panted in fear, the nipples erect from the water's chill. Her ribs narrowed into a tiny waist, which then flared dramatically into round hips, although the abdomen was completely flat.

"Space!" Smitty propelled himself away.

"Got to go," Mac breathed, her face both white and green. She rolled herself through the doorway, into the hall. Now that her world had an up and a down again, she climbed to her feet, tried to squeeze fluid from her soaked clothes as she headed for the locker room.

"Wow," MacGregor breathed. "I never-- "

"Incredible," Jane agreed in his ear. "Not a stitch of underwear. And that's as far as I'm going with that thought. Good night, Duck." She started for the opposite exit.

"What a figure," Drake breathed.

"Doctor." Beth suddenly wrapped her arms around his neck, pressed her body against him.

What in space -? "Beth, don't tease," he begged.

"You promised you'd behave," she reminded him.

"That's why I didn't follow her," he returned.

"Let me finish," she complained. "Your mind may be willing, but your body hasn't gotten the message." He realized he had a erection.

"If you think this is going to get rid of that you are badly mistaken."

She grinned. "Perhaps you need to follow Mr Smythe's example."

"Why? Who's he making out with?"

"The water." She shoved him into a cold blob that quickly cooled his heated blood. "Abdulla said you're it," she laughed.

"Not for long," he promised, and joined the game of tag.

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