Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Heart's Desire
Month 1, Day 10
0647 Hrs

Entering Sick Bay, Smitty walked to the nurse's station. The blond leaned over the counter, giving him a view of her cleavage. "Hello, Honey," she breathed. She took his hand from the countertop. "Let's go take a bubble bath together."
"There's no bath aboard ship." He pulled his hand away. "I need to see MacGreg."
Temple was on the doctor's lap. When Smitty entered, she stood up and approached. "It's about time you looked me up." She opened her uniform to show him her lovely body.
A hand on Smitty's shoulder turned him around. Jane had a gentle smile on her lips. "Just the man I was looking for. I could use some R&R, Smitty."
"Mr Smythe?" He turned to see Abdulla in the dimness of the observation deck, the light of the stars shimmering through her negligee. "I thought you'd never notice me."
"He's mine!" Wilson started forward in a slinky evening gown.
"What in space has gotten into you women?" he wondered, but when they all started toward him, each looking determined, he ran. It seemed like every female aboard chased him. He turned a corner and ducked into a privacy room, tried to catch his breath as he leaned against the locked door. The only female he wanted was- "Colleen," he sighed.
"I'm kind of busy." His eyes popped open, and he saw her on the couch, making out with Bugalu. "Take a number, okay?" she suggested, and MacGreg gleefully showed him that he had the number 2.
Smitty opened his eyes, stared into the darkness. When his alarm went off, he groaned, realizing it was time to get up. Doesn't matter when I go to bed, I can't stop dreaming, so I don't get enough sleep. I've no doubt that one was brought on by what MacGreg said yesterday, that half the women aboard want to bed me. The unconscious does that with things you hear.
Tonight, I'll ask Dr Davis for something to help me sleep.

Morning Mess
Month 1, Day 10
0751 Hrs

Whistling, Bugalu entered the lift, headed for the bridge. Last night's date with Abdulla was enjoyable. It's so simple when I don't have to worry about Mac. It was such a relief to see her sleeping her drunk off. Cute pajamas, like a kid's. Not that she looked like a kid, but I knew she had to wear something in bed. Must have been in the laundry the other night.
Okay, I repaid Abdulla for her favor. I was a real pest to Della when I was looking for Mac; I'll have to see what she wants as apology. I need to make up with Beth and Alyce. Need to thank Capac for taking over with Alyce. Didn't realize he had it in him; he's always so quiet around women. There's someone else I couldn't concentrate on last week, too. Oh, yes, Stephanie. I'll-
The door opened, and he stepped off, headed for the communications console to say good morning to his sister. What's Chun doing here?
The relief communications officer was surprised at his approach. "Aren't you due at the helm?"
"He can wait," Bugalu returned, looking past the oriental at the redhead. She stared straight ahead, hands flat on the console. Her pink forehead and rigid face said she was working hard to control her temper. If Chun is here, why is she? And what's she upset about? Chun's boring, not irritating.
"You're both here?" Abdulla asked as she approached. "Who do I relieve?"
"Both of us, I assume," Chun replied.
"But why-"
"It appears I did not dazzle Mr Smythe last week," Mac forced out. "Mr Chun was told to see if I could function as a communications officer." She turned her head slowly toward the oriental. "I hope I was able to pass muster, Mr Chun?"
"You did ask a lot of questions," he returned. "But you didn't really need my help, and I didn't notice any mistakes."
"Good," declared Capt Burke from the doorway of the lift. "Abdulla, please relieve Lt Chun. Bugalu, you have 2 minutes before you need to release Lt Evans. You're excused, MacDowell."
Mac bolted from her chair and turned for the lift, then stopped short, her eyes focused behind Bugalu. "Mr Smythe," she greeted tensely.
"Got through the night okay, did you, MacDowell?"
"I think I performed satisfactorily," she answered stiffly.
"Fine," he responded shortly, and headed for the engineering console.
"Mac?" Bugalu asked.
He had her attention, but she remained tense. "I'm going to bed."
"Bed!" he exclaimed, and at least half the bridge crew glanced at them. "Now?"
She nodded. "I'll sleep days, Bugsy." There go my evenings. "Otherwise, we'd never see each other. Besides, remember what I said, about being drunk as a skunk, dead tired and in the company of... certain people?"
"I remember."
"The opposite is a horrible combination."
"I'm not following you."
"I'm sober, and just spent 8 hours in the company of a Baker."
"Space!" he breathed. No wonder she's ready to explode. I never gave a thought to who she'd work with.
"Right," she agreed. "I'm not fit company for a gerkat."
The captain cleared her throat. "Never mind. I'll see you tonight."
"What?" This is a nasty habit she's developed, telling me no.
Mac tossed a glance toward the captain, who was carefully ignoring them. "I've got so much to do! Weights with Ferguson, unpacking and... study. I have to study. And there's Tall Bear!" She took a quick breath. "Okay, supper. Wake me when you get off."
"I will," he promised, and moved to the helm. "You're relieved, Evans."
"You're late," Evans complained in a whisper as they went through the shift-change procedure. "Make dates on your own time."
"I was on my own time," Bugalu returned. "And she was on hers."
"Thanks to the captain. You seem to be well lubricated, even there."
"You have a sick mind," Bugalu told him. "And leave Mac alone."

"Staking a claim? Maybe you should be worried about Ferguson and Bear. Or MacGregor." The change of helm completed, Evans turned and smiled. "Good night, Captain." Then he was gone, leaving Bugalu with plenty to think about during his day.

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