Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Fair Play / Explorer Caught

Fair Play
Month 1, Day 10
Beth Temple
1950 Hrs

A shiver went through Beth's body as Bugalu's hand inched up her thigh. It's a good thing I didn't really want to see this movie. It's getting hard to breathe. His hand paused, then retreated. He's going to drive me crazy. Maybe that's what he wants, to pay me back for last week. She felt his breath on her neck as his lips approached her ear lobe. "Bugalu," she whispered.

"Yes?" The arm around her shoulder tightened, pulling her closer.
This is what I expected last week. Better late than never. Sure hope nothing interrupts- "Do you know where your sister is?"
There was a puff of breath in her ear as he snorted with laughter. "Yes, I do."
"You're sure?"
His warm lips touched her ear delicately. "She was going to pump iron with Ferguson and Tall Bear, run a race with Yellow Dog, unload from shore leave... and then study." His hand started back up her thigh. "I'm all yours, Beth."
Feels more like I'm all his. This is maddening. Turn-about is fair play. She caught his mouth with hers while her hand touched his thigh. His breathing speeded up noticeably, and the darkened room became hot. His hand didn't stop its upward movement this time.
Music came from the speakers, and they broke apart, remembering where they were. "Ready?" Bugalu asked in a hoarse whisper.
"Thought you'd never ask," she returned, her breathing jagged. It seemed to take forever to get to his room.

Explorer Caught
Month 1, Day 10
2312 Hours

Smitty exited the lift and started for his quarters. I haven't been that nervous about installing something in years. I bet I didn't make any sense to Wilson at all. And it wasn't the chore that made me nervous! It was having her there, in that skimpy uniform, knowing what rumors I've managed to start about us today!

I never should have gone to the movie with MacGreg. The movie was fine, but in the next row- I thought they'd have sex right then and there! Made me wish I- And then to see it was Bugalu! Not sure who the woman was, but it wasn't her. I saw him with Abdulla last night. Obviously, having Colleen aboard hasn't slowed him down. She must not mean that much to him, and that's something I'll never-
As he approached his quarters, he heard the sound of a Jeffries tube being unlatched, so he looked around, wondering what was going on. Wilson's right, I don't see much of the evening crew. I should at least be on speaking terms with them. So let's see who's working this section and what they're doing, say hello before I go to bed. It's not like I have any reason to get up tomorrow. Sleep in as late as I want, try to catch up on some of that sleep I've been missing.
The ceiling hatch ten feet away opened, and bright red curls tumbled down as a head lowered into view, facing away from him. Oh no!
"They all look the same!" she complained to herself. "All the decks with living quarters, anyway. So, where am I? Maybe deck 6? Aft?"
"Deck 5," he rumbled. "Port. Forward. Officers' quarters. Come out of there!"
She tried to twist around to see him, but couldn't. She wriggled through the opening, held the edge with one hand and unfolded her body facing him. "Evening, Smit," she greeted with a tiny smile.
She still wore her orange exercise suit. Without ballast in the waist, it really shows off her curves, especially since they're now emphasized by smudges. Her feet dangled a foot from the deck. Without thinking, he stepped forward, slipped his arms around her, and lowered her to the floor. "Don't hurt yourself," he instructed.
"You mean, again?" she asked, letting her arm rest atop his. Her eyes are just as bright as I remember. Freckles so pale you can hardly see them, unless you're this close. I never realized how sweet lilacs smell. I never realized a woman could feel this good. All the right curves and plenty of them. Except for the hard curve of her right rib cage. Wait, that's not- "Don't bruise me," she requested.
Startled, - What am I doing? - he let go of her so abruptly she staggered to remain on her feet. He saw then what she had tucked under her arm - a bottle of whiskey. "What are you doing in the Jeffries tube?" he demanded. "And what are you doing with that? You have duty in less than an hour!"
She looked stunned for a moment, then blushed and glanced down at the bottle. Frowning in thought, she responded with, "I was trying to get there without being seen. This is a... gift for... someone. And that leaves me plenty of time to shower." She cocked her head to one side. "I think that answers all your questions and concerns."
A glimpse of ample curves through the steamed glass of a shower. She's taking whiskey to Bugalu and hoping for a quickie before she goes on duty. She'll be devastated to find another woman already there. "He may not... be alone, Colleen," Smitty said softly.
Her brow furrowed in confusion. "He knows I'm coming." She shook her head and sighed. "Well, I hope if he does have someone else there, they're discrete. He knows I didn't want the whole ship to know about this!" She turned and walked away.

Smitty's heart sank for her. I tried to warn her. Space, what a body! Just holding her was- He turned abruptly and entered his quarters. A cold shower. Cold as I can get it. It'll leave me wide awake, but I've got no reason to get up in the morning.

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