Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Not Date / Fresh Beginnings

The Not Date
Month 1, Day 20
1908 Hrs

Mac's hand trembled as Bugalu led her to a pair of empty seats in the dim theater. "Relax," he told her as they sat down.

"You forgot popcorn."
Surprised, he asked, "Didn't you have breakfast?"
"Yes, but I understand popcorn is traditional."
"With us, pizza is traditional." He slipped his arm around her shoulders.
"We don't have that, either," she pointed out, wriggling to get comfortable in the unaccustomed seat.
"We will."
She turned in sudden excitement. "We will?"
He grinned. "I've already ordered it."
Her arms encircled his torso as she rested her head on his shoulder. "You're too good to me."
"I know," he agreed teasingly as the dimness deepened. Everybody watched us come in. They'll all think... They already think that. The only other option was the sofa in my quarters, and after all these years, I don't know if I can trust myself. Look how quickly I succumbed when we were dancing.
A man whispered into his ear. "I'll be watching, to see how it's done."
Bugalu frowned in the darkness, then relaxed. If that doesn't keep me on my best behavior, then... Mac will hit me. Maybe these guys will get that hint.

Fresh Beginnings
Month 1 Day 20
1936 Hrs

Smitty realized that the lights had lowered, the movie had started, opening credits were over, and he had no memory of any of it. This is going to be long. Already feels like we've been here for hours. I just want to go, be anywhere but here.

His eyes wandered yet again to the couple several rows down. How long before they leave for his place? As he did with Beth, and how many other women? She deserves better treatment than that.
Uncomfortable with his thoughts, he changed positions, felt his fingers brush against uniform tights. Anna grabbed his hand. Before he could apologize, she leaned toward him to whisper, "Not quite that fast, Smitty." She retained his hand in a comfortable grasp.
I wasn't planning- Not tonight, anyway. Not here, where anyone can see us. Is she ready for that? If she's just now getting over- Oh, follow her lead. Take it slow. He exchanged hands within hers and slipped his arm around her shoulders. Anna leaned against him.

She smelled just a bit like chocolate.

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