Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Found Again

Month 6 Day 10
Tall Bear
2056 Hours

There were only 2 of them to search the entire ship. Ingersol waited in the hall while Tall Bear opened a door and took a cursory look inside, then Bear waited while Ingersol opened a door on the other side of the corridor. This is not a way to search effectively. I can understand Winthrop’s statement he needed more men- more people to do a proper search for Mac. But unlike him, I also understand that there aren’t any people to spare for that project. Great Spirit, Engineering is down to 3 people! Well, 4, but Della worked nearly 24 hours, and she’s down for a time. Smythe won’t stop until communications is finally working again. Or he winds up in Sick Bay. Surprised he hasn’t landed there yet.

Bear was so convinced this method wouldn’t work that he was startled when Ingersol’s eyes rounded as he looked inside the latest quarters he had opened, and he frantically motioned to Bear. Going over to stand beside his partner, Bear looked in, saw a familiar figure parked, as usual, at the computer viewscreen. Another thing she’s done that’s normal. For her. But I never thought to see her doing it here!

Moving as softly and quietly as they could, they stepped inside the officer’s living room, stopped warily when the door shushed closed behind them. Mac’s gaze stayed glued on the viewscreen. She’s so intent on whatever she’s studying, she doesn’t even realize we’re here. That’s not like her.

Tall Bear signaled Ingersol to go one way, while he angled to the other. But as he fanned out, Ingersol didn’t pay enough attention to his surroundings and bumped into a chair. They both stopped again, expecting some reaction from the woman, but she simply raised a hand to trace something on the screen with a finger. She didn’t hear that? How could she not?

“Mac?” Bear stated calmly. “We’re supposed to take you to Sick Bay.”

She raised her other hand, and it seemed both hands were pointing at different things on the screen while her lips moved.

Still no reaction. I’m definitely not used to her ignoring me. In fact, she’s acting like she’s deaf.

Mac reached with her left hand to pour herself another drink from a half-full bottle. As she raised the glass to her mouth, her eyes veered from the screen, and she caught sight of Ingersol. After a split-second of shock, she became a whirlwind of activity. The glass flew toward Ingersol, who screamed as some of the pungent liquid landed in his eyes. Then the bottle flew at Tall Bear, but he was lucky enough to duck it.

Knowing that whiskey in the eyes was painful but not fatal, Bear ran around the desk after Mac, who had disappeared into the bedroom. Blast, there’s 2 ways out of that room, and neither of them is guarded! He took a quick glance behind him, to find Ingersol following, his eyes squinty, red and watering profusely.

Blackness settled over Bear, and the softness that surrounded him made him realize a blanket had been thrown over him. He started to pull it off, but someone – most likely Ingersol – fell against his back and then slid to the floor, making Bear stumble and almost lose his balance.

Someone kicked him just above his ear. He staggered in surprise. Shorty can kick that high? After another stunning head blow, he fell to his knees. In a kind of dim semi-consciousness, he heard a dull thump, then a door swooshed open and shushed close. His thoughts whirled for a time before they began to make sense. Is it over? Did Shorty beat me? Us? How long has it been since that last kick she gave me? She must be gone. Winthrop will be enraged that she got away. Always full of surprises, that Mac.

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