Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Reunion / Bumps in the Night

Day 4 (cont)
2032 Hours

As he approached his quarters, MacGregor was surprised to see Beth ringing his doorbell. Thought she had a date. "You looking for me?"

She turned to face him. "Yes. May I have a word with you?" She glanced up and down the corridor. "Alone?"

"Thought you had a date," he blurted out as he came closer.

She grimaced. "It turned to muck."

Poor girl. "Come inside," he invited as the door opened. Looks close to tears. How could her date have turned to muck? She's beautiful. Whoever her date was with, he's an idiot. I have half a mind to- "Men who offer a shoulder to cry on are just trying to take advantage!" Oh, space, was Mac right about that? I thought she meant men like Winthrop! I do not want to be another Winthrop! He moved away to pick the book up off the sofa and put it away. "Did you want a shoulder to cry on? Or a sympathetic ear?" He turned to face her from the increased distance. Still Beautiful. Still looks lost. I Still want her. Blast, I'm a cad!

She stared at him bleakly. "I- Maybe this was a bad idea." She turned toward the door.

I called her date an idiot for letting her get away, and now I'm doing the same? "Beth, wait." He hurried across the room to touch her arm. When she looked at him, he lowered his head to touch his lips to hers. "I was trying to be a gentleman, not an idiot," he murmured. "Just tell me what you want."

She slid her arms around his neck. "First, may I have another?"

He slipped his arms around her as he lowered his face again. There's heat in her kiss. He pulled her closer. Get a grip, Drake. She asked for another kiss, not- He broke the kiss and took a deep, ragged breath. "What else can I do to you? I mean, you must have had a reason for coming here-"

"Actually," she stated, nuzzling his neck, "I was hoping for a warm body. Pressed against mine. All night long."

So much for not dating doctors. Never should have stopped asking her out. "The bed or the sofa?" he asked as he squeezed her closer to him. "The sofa's closer."

She flicked a quick glance that way. "Not much. The bed's more comfortable, and we wouldn't have to change location later."

He felt her unfasten his shirt. "You ready now?"

"I was ready when I got here." He nodded, led her to the bedroom, pulling his shirt off as they went. He heard her shoes fall to the floor as she followed, but when they reached the bedroom, he found she had also removed her shirt. He stared in fascination at the maroon bra that held her breasts captive as they each sloughed their slacks. "Computer, lock the doors," she instructed as she moved toward the bed in her underwear.

He stepped closer, and they hesitated, looked at each other in confusion. "It's definitely been too long when the computer doesn't remember you," he muttered. "Computer, lock my doors," he commanded.


With a grin, Beth threw herself on the bed, rolled across the mattress to come up against the bulkhead with a muffled thump.

"You okay?" Did I hear her elbow hit the wall?

She reached out to stroke his thigh, curled her fingers around it and gently pulled. "I'll be fine, just as soon as you start playing doctor."

"This sounds like a serious case of lust," he said, and lowered himself beside her. He left a trail of kisses on her shoulder and neck as they adjusted their positions. "This could require several doses of treatment."

"Repeated doses," she groaned in agreement and pressed against him.

He moved a thigh between her legs and she jerked in response. That was her foot against the wall. "You are ready," he observed.

"Come on, Drake. Don't tease."

"Wouldn't dream of it," he responded. She feels so good. Always did. I'm ready, myself. Hope she wasn't wanting slow and easy, because I can't do that this time. With a gasp, he began driving himself into her, vaguely aware of a dull thumping that kept time with him.


Bumps in the Night
Day 4 (cont)
2042 Hours

Smitty gave a sad look at the empty bottle, then placed it carefully in the disposal chute. That's the end. Not more than half a bottle in any one of them. The three together hardly gave me a buzz. I won't need that detox MacGreg's leaving for me.

Going to his bedroom, he sat down heavily on the bed. He pulled his tunic off and dropped it to the floor. His boots soon followed.

He was startled by a thump on the bulkhead separating his bedroom from his neighbor's. That must have hurt. Rolled over and hit the wall, I suppose. Done it myself, a time or two. He stared at the clock with fuzzy eyesight. Early for him to be in bed. Maybe he's as anxious to get the day over as I am.

He stripped the rest of his clothes, climbed into bed. A good night's sleep is what I need. Some no-nonsense work with Wilson in the morning, get the emergency bridge set to rights, and everything will be on an even keel.

Another thump, further along the wall. That was his knee. He's having a restless night. Anticipating his fishing- No! Don't think about-

His eyes flew open as he became aware of a rhythmic thudding softly transmitted through the wall. "About tonight," MacGreg called from the door of the privacy room.

"Yes, yes, I'll be there!" MacDowell promised.

Smitty groaned, rolled away from the wall. Hanging over the bed's edge, he wrapped his pillow around his head. Despite these efforts, the thumping was soon accompanied by moans of passion that grew more intense until two voices cried out in orgasmic ecstasy.

We're supposed to be either celibate or discrete, but the lack of sound-proofing in these bedrooms makes only one of those doable. And that one isn't.

When he turned over, he saw disheveled red curls accenting a sweaty, naked body. He reached out with a shaky hand. Emerald eyes watched from behind fiery lashes as he started to fondle her, slid closer to her.

"Oh, dear," she muttered as he lowered his head to kiss her.

"Give me that!" She was torn away by two dark hands. "Hello, Mac. You ready to make it up to me?"

"I can't refuse you anything," she simpered.

"About time you remembered it," the helmsman stated. And then his brown eyes turned to Smitty. "Find your own, old man."

The floor was hard when he landed. Sitting up, he looked around in confusion. His room, his own one-person bed. There was nobody else; would never have been room for her in his bed. Just a dream.

He climbed back into bed. The only thing real is this erection. Blast, I am not taking a cold shower! I don't want to be awake, nor sober! I'll just ... deal with it!

He tried to pretend they were her hands.


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