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Spoiled Date / Tipsy Imaginings

Spoiled Date
Day 4 (cont)
2010 Hours

Temple snuggled against Bugalu's shoulder, surprised by his unusual interest in the movie. He's got his arm around me, but he's not fondling. He doesn't usually take this long to get started. So what's wrong? She glanced over, saw him frowning at his lap. He isn't even watching the movie!

Taking hold of his chin, she turned his head and kissed him, putting all the fire she could muster into the encounter. Nothing. Drake showed more interest, and he was waiting for- I should have known! For a woman who claims she isn't any competition, she sure has put a damper on my love life. "Let's go," she stated, getting to her feet. She ignored the knowing grins of others in the theater. She walked out, without caring if he followed her.

"Beth." Bugalu caught up with her outside the theater, and turned her to face him. "I'm sorry, Beth. I'm ... upset."

"About Mac?"

He hesitated. "Yes, but not like you think. We had an argument, and-"

"The whole ship knows that."

"Yes, I imagine it does," he said. "It was pretty nasty. And loud."

"Jealousy doesn't become you, Bugalu. It's out of character. And it doesn't go with this brother relationship you have with her, either."

He looked surprised. "You aren't going to make me protest a dozen times that she is my sister? That makes you unique."

She raised her chin defiantly. "I am unique."

"Sure are, if you can accept that about us. But I'm not jealous. I'm worried."

"She's a big girl."

"A woman, but she isn't good at staying out of trouble. Drove her brother ragged, her first month at the Academy. He couldn't let her out of his sight." He leaned against the bulkhead and shook his head. "Now I know how he felt. Every minute I don't know exactly where she's at, what she's doing- She's going to wind up in the brig! Or worse! And it'll be my fault! What kind of brother can't protect her?"

"You need help," she stated.

"Not likely to find any here, am I?"

You'd be surprised. She turned to walk away.

"Beth, please! I didn't mean to mention her! I promise to do better. If the movie isn't what you want to do, then just name it."

"What about Mac?"

He hesitated, tried to grin. "Mac who?"

She tsked. Pitiful. "Are you aware she had supper with MacGregor?"

"MacGregor!" For a moment, he looked panicked, then he calmed down. "Right, she asked if he'd be a good friend. He doesn't know what he's in for."

And you don't know Mac as well as you think you do. She knows how to pick her friends - and adopted relatives. Maybe you need to learn that. "I believe he's working on a much different kind of relationship than ... friendship." Yes, there's the worry, the panic. Wonder what Drake and Mac doing now? Something innocent, I'm sure. "Bugalu, do you know where you sister is?" she asked.

"That's cold, Beth."

"I'm not happy with you right now," she returned. "Forget it. There's others who'll date me." Somewhere in this universe. "Go find her." She walked away.

It took him a while to protest, he was so worried about Mac, torn between the two commitments. "Beth, we have a date!"

"Not any more," she answered, still walking. And not likely to again. Even after he figures out Mac and Drake have adopted each other, he's not likely to forgive me! Blast! And I told Drake I wasn't available!


Tipsy Imaginings
Day 4 (cont)
2017 Hours

"I've got reservations," Smitty assured the other man. "At the Golden Star, Star of Gold, something like that. Other than that, I don't know. Hire a woman." All the right curves and plenty of them. "Sex. Drink." A lot. "Who knows?" He turned his head. When did MacGreg's hair go red? "What are you doing?" He looks ridiculous. A topknot isn't his style.

"Space station museums are all the same, so not that. I'll probably hire a woman."

Why, when you've already got one? Probably wants to keep that quiet. He won't manage it if he copies her hair. And wear her uniform. Strange. He's got just as much cleavage as she does.

"I'll go fishing in the park lake. Won't catch anything, of course, but it's a basket of corned beef sandwiches, cheese and apples, whatever."

Good, he's become himself again. It was disturbing to see him look like her. No, of course he didn't; I must be drunker than I thought. I haven't drunk that much! "Sounds good," Smitty decided, nodding slowly. "But roast beef, not corned beef. And last time, you brought that fancy white wine; I prefer gin."

MacGreg looked stunned by the acceptance, cleared his throat. "I'm flattered you remember our last fishing trip and want to repeat it. But I've already invited someone, and- You're welcome to come, if you like. We'd be happy to include you, but-"

"I'm afraid to ask," Smitty whispered.

"I've invited Mac," MacGregor stated softly.

"I knew it!" Smitty closed his eyes. Not trying that hard to keep it quiet. I don't need him flaunting his success in my face. "Sorry you have to leave so soon, MacGreg."

"You trying to get rid of me, Smitty?"

"Yes," he returned bluntly. "I have to work in the morning."

"It's still early."

"I want to get an early start." Not that I'll be able to, with everybody wanting a podride to the station.

The physician studied him. "Okay, Smitty, I can take a hint." He put his glass down and got up. "I'll leave a dose of detox in sick bay with your name on it, in case you find it hard to ... concentrate in the morning." He started for the door, then paused. "You might want to lock your door behind me, Smitty."

"Yes," Smitty agreed, and watched the man leave. "Computer, lock my doors."

"Accomplished," said the soft voice.

He eyed the small amount left in the gin bottle, and knew it was time to get another out of the cabinet. Time for some serious drinking.


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